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oil changes

Most Rockledge, FL, drivers know that the oil change is the single most important preventative maintenance you can have performed on your car. This process, which should be performed every 6,000 miles in most vehicles, is the number one way to keep your car running like the day you bought it. But when it comes to the oil change in Rockledge, FL, you have a number of different choices. Do you bring your car back to the dealership, where they will most certainly charge more? Or do you trust a quickie chain lube shop, that might not have the techs on hand that are qualified to do the job? Nope! In Rockledge, FL, smart drivers bring their cars to Guaranteed Auto Air & Repair.

Oil Change Rockledge FL

So when you bring your car for an oil change in Rockledge, FL, what exactly does our team do? Well, it’s simple, really. We completely drain the oil from your car’s engine and replace it with a fresh batch of full-synthetic oil. We also replace the ever-important oil filter, which keeps debris and gunk from mixing with your car’s engine oil. While your engine is running, it creates a massive amount of heat and friction. The oil helps by keeping things cool and lubricated, so engine parts don’t overheat or grind into one another. Over time, the oil breaks down and needs replacing, and driving too long on worn engine oil can cause engine damage, even total lock-up.

So when it comes time for an oil change in Rockledge, FL, get your car to the pros at Guaranteed Auto Air & Repair.

Preventative Maintenance Rockledge FL

While the oil change is the most important and frequent preventative maintenance service you’ll need, our team here at Guaranteed Auto Air & Repair is proud to offer a full slate of auto preventative maintenance services. There isn’t a part of your vehicle we can’t inspect and repair when need be, and we also provide the milestone 30/60/90k services nearly every car will need. At Guaranteed Auto Air & Repair, there isn’t anything we won’t do to keep your car running right.

Oil Change Near Me

When the time comes for an oil change in Rockledge, FL, the only name that should jump to mind is Guaranteed Auto Air & Repair. Our team are oil change and preventative maintenance experts, and we want to partner with you on making sure your car continues to drive the same way it did when you first got behind the wheel. Make an appointment!

$59.99Full Synthetic Oil Service

plus misc, oil recycle fee, and tax

Includes Up to 5 Quarts of Full Synthetic Oil and New Filter (most vehicles) Excludes Diesel, Hybrid and European vehicles.

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